Henri Systems Holland (HSH) was founded in 1984 by a small group of passionate and experienced people in the field of marine instrumentation. Based on the many years of work in the field and the organizational spirit of its founders, the company was able to take over the marine branch of ENRAF NONIUS and lead it to a new era of groundbreaking technologies.

All the knowledge of its members has been used from the beginning to achieve a high level of quality for all its products. Using new materials and new designs, HSH could achieve spectacular results in a short period of time, extending its market worldwide and becoming a successful market leader. The growth of the company is also a result of the good relations with all its clients, which are built on mutual trust and respect. The needs of HSH’s customers are always taken into consideration and are handled with the highest care.

HSH has always taken pride in delivering and servicing its products at the highest level of quality possible. The low maintenance needed for its devices and the precision of its instrumentation made HSH the main supplier of level gauges for LPG end LNG gas carriers for most of the new ships.

All the final products are ATEX certified by the major class societies and can be safely mounted on LPG and LNG carriers.

Considerable funds are directed to research and improvement of new generations of products. We invest about 8% of our revenue in research. We are in the process of developing of a new type of LNG sensor for LNG Bunker tanks in cooperation with TNO Research Institute. It is our vision to also become the market leader in LNG bunker measurement. This permanent desire to be the best made HSH world leader in our field of activity. We actually are three times bigger than our main competitor regarding the quantity of delivered level measuring devices and the number of vessels equipped with HSH marine instrumentation.

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