Float Type Level Gauge 808

The level gauge type 808 is special designed for use on inland river tankers. They have a very easy to read indicator scale that allows clear reading at a long distance. The housing is made of aluminum so that a long life is guaranteed.

With over 400 gas carriers equipped with our level gauges, reliability is not a question. It has been proven for many years on virtually all types of gas carriers. From small pressurized gas tankers to large LNG carriers.


Measuring range: 0 – 6 m
Accuracy*: DL = ± (2.0 + 0.15 L) mm where L is the measured level

Repeatability*: ± 2 mm
Sensitivity*: ± 1.5 mm
Max. working pressure: 2.0 MPa (20 bar)
Min. cargo temperature: – 48 °C
Max. cargo temperature: + 90 °C
Measuring range: 0 – 6.000 mm
* At max. inclination of 10 degrees

Material Specifications
Gauge head: Aluminium (painted)
Measuring drum: Aluminium
Measuring wire: Braided AISI 316
Magnet seperation: SUS AISI 316 (stainless steel pipe)
Coupling magnets: Stainless steel encapsulated SmCo
Float: AISI 316
Weight: ± 25 kg

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