High Level Alarm HLA 907

The HSH High level Alarm 907 (HLA 907) is a reliable high level alarm instrument for tankers with a liquid cargo. The HSH HLA 907 series marine high level alarm is a float type high level alarm with a stainless steel construction to provide a secure base for the high level alarm in cargo tanks.

The HLA 907 series marine level gauge can be used on all types of ships carrying liquid products. The HSH marine high level alarm system can be equipped with up to 3 alarm contacts. The alarm generated by the device can be used by a wide variety of cargo handling systems.

The HLA 907 has an advanced testing functionality. The floats are lifted via a magnetic connection from the top of the tank. The main advantage is that no extra tank entry is necessary and gas leakage into the junction box or the Cargo Control Room is almost impossible. The only entry into the tank is a fully welded construction with a standard 6″ 150 LBS / 300 LBS flange.

The switching contacts are reed contacts with integrated Namur resulting in continuous control of cable failure.


Instrument type
Float Type Level Alarm with guiding tube.

Explosion safety
Type: II 1/2G Ex ia IIC T4 -40≤Ta≤ 60°C
Standards: EN 60079-0:2009, EN 60079-11:2007,
EN 60079-26:2007, EN 13462-1:2009

Type of products: Liquids, including liquefied gasses
Viscosity: ≤ 100 mPa.s
Solids content: ≤ 100 g/l
Particle size: ≤ 200 μm diameter
Density: 0,4 to 2,0 kg/l

Operating conditions
Maximum pressure: 18 barg
Product Temperature: -164 to +120 °C
Ambient Temperature: -40 to +60 °C

Housing material: Stainless steel 316.
Connection: Cablegland Ex-i
Protection class: IP66

Tank connection
Standard: 6” – 150 LBS / 300 LBS
Other flanges on request.

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