Vetting Service

Vetting is a process of examination and evaluation, generally referring to performing a background check on the ship before offering an employment. Failure to do so could expose a fleet owner to great risk in the event of a serious incident involving a ship which that company had chartered.

The HSH marine and ship vetting service ensure the safety checks of vessels or barges and verifies if the rules are followed conform all applicable regulations.

The quality, safety, and environmental risks need to be carefully managed and compliance with stringent regulation need to be ensured. HSH offers a dedicated ship vetting to help its clients manage risks and confirm the compliance of any vessels or barges owned by the client.

HSH provides a desk evaluation of multiple sources for the possible acceptance of approval of the vessels or barges in use by the client. HSH can advise the ship owners about the condition of the vessels and makes a detailed inspection report which contains all the relevant data.

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