Information about the application of cookies on this website

What are cookies?

A cookie is a file that is placed by a website on the site visitor’s computer with possible targets:

  • Functional: to facilitate the use of the website, for example, to recognize the visitor on repeat visits, to speed up log-in and to fill in forms faster.
  • Analytical: to collect visitor statistics and to use them in particular for further improvement and renewal of the website.
  • Commercial: to follow the click behavior of the individual visitor and to carry out commercial actions based on this information, for example offering specific information as a result of specific click behavior.

There are many types of cookies, but the new legislation distinguishes between functional and non-functional cookies. The functional cookies are not bound by the regulations. The non-functional cookies do, including the analytical and commercial ones. The latter include the cookies that Google Analytics and many social sharing buttons of social media networks put.

How can you refuse or delete cookies?

Via the settings of your internet browser you can refuse cookies and possibly delete already placed cookies. There are various types of internet browsers (eg Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari) and the method of setting varies. Therefore, please consult the help function of your internet browser to adjust your cookie settings as required. Please note that adjusting your settings may affect all sites you visit.

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